Texas District 26  

If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.

From 2022 … District 26 voters, THANK YOU!

I appreciate the trust you put in me. We accounted for 30.7% of votes cast.

We did well.


Hello 2024 Voters


An Interview Please

What should I be doing for you and your fellow citizens?

I would like an interview with you for the 2025-2026 US House Texas 26 congressional seat.

Please consider the questions on this website. I want emails with your answers/input. I want to know your expectations for YOUR Representative to the national Congress.

Please email me at kollsforcongress@yahoo.com

Until I get clear directions from you, I will share some of my expectations for governance starting January 2025, for the 119th Congress.

Principles and The Issues

If you vote according to the issues … consider the thinking behind a position on an issue.

As a candidate I will vote following principles. Please read my principles before reviewing my position/thinking on an issue. My hope is that my votes on your behalf can be easily (and accurately) predicted if you know my principles.

My postion on Immediate Issues and Long-Term Problems are futhter down this page.


We The People, Small Gov't

If you see We The People, Small Gov as the solution to most issues facing the nation we are in lockstep agreement. If you do NOT, I want to hear your general strategy and your reasoning for current gov't intervention.

As the US Representative for Texas 26, I will only affirm legislation that:

IMHO, we can achieve unity following this mantra.

Reason (NOT Emotion)

Decisions made amidst the chaos of emotion … generally do NOT resolve the conflict. An outburst may feel good, but most often does NOT solve the issue. Usually we are right back to where we started.

Insulting a competitor only creates animosity. The problem may then seem even bigger …

Within the federal gov't decisions should be dispassionate and reasoned. The actions taken will impact 332,000,000 people (2021). Rash decisions and rash actions only cause other problems, a.k.a. unintended consequences. Decisions made rationally and deliberatively may improve the lives of 332,000,000 fellow citizens and residents.

My political truth is informed by some books. This page also has a short bio.

Local Governance

Issues should be solved at the lowest level possible. Ideally, the people directly involved can settle the issue. The lower the level the more local the solution. If two citizens cannot resolve the issue, lesser gov't can be approached. Very few issues should push out to the federal arena.

I see Local Goverance like a pebble entering a pond:

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is a great example of using local goverance.

Governance (NOT Politics)

Gov't is available to solve verifiable problems. The People asking gov't for assistnance.

So, what does the federal gov't have to investigate?  What is your recommendation to fix it?

I expect looking into issues and problems will be spirited and open to compromise. In the process we will learn from each other.

  My list of issues and problems is below, listed in two catagories:
  •   Immediate Issues
  •   Long-Term Problems

NO Politics

I will NOT devolve into politics. Politics is vile and serves NO one. If you see me slip in politics, call me out; let me know that I've crossed the line. I cannot go there.

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky is a vile playbook for politics. It advocates all the wrong things. I advise public servants to act 180° of this vile plan.

2023 Speaker Vote

We have a new set of congressional rules becasue of 20 brave Congressmen. Thank you.

Definitions Matter!

If we discuss something, but have a different understanding of it, we will simply talk passed each other. We can feel our opinion was heard and accepted … and yet, both walk away with our pre-conversation definition intact. Progress is only possible with a shared definition.


Immediate Issues

These are issues easier to solve. That is, they could be solved within one Congress, within two years.

IssueYour InputMy Thoughts
Inflation The primary reason for inflation is annual deficits and the massive federal debt (a long-term problem).
Yet, there are other measures that can reduce inflation.
NO Budget Omnibus spending and CRs are irresponsible and more so, dangerous. Decisions made amidst urgency (or emotion) breed unwanted consequences. A deliberate and well-thought budget will serve all US citizens.
Secrecy Our appointed servant leaders should have NO secrets from We The People. They work for us, at our pleasure.
Ukraine We should position to become the world's peace makers. Please consider a proper policy of foreign relations.
Immigration Immigration should be conducted per legislation, NOT via conflicting Executive Orders. More so, each sovereign state must have authority to deal with incoming arrivals, as each state has a responsibility to its citizens.
Other Issues Please review my overview of other pressing issues, including:  guns, voting, crime, education/CRT, opioids, the Captol protest, and Covid.


Long-Term Problems

These are problems more difficult to solve. That is, they can only be solved across several Congresses, longer than two years.

ProblemYour InputMy Thoughts
Massive Federal Debt  Debt does NOT empower, it enslaves. Each dollar of debt further dictates the action of people, groups, and nations.
We must balance the federal budget and pay off the massive federal debt.
NOT Aligned with the Constitution A casual read of The Constitution of the United States tells us that many appointed officials do NOT "protect and defend" our Constitution.
Unjust Federal Legislation Laws must apply equally to everyone. Laws cannot benefit only some, nor only a protected group.
Sadly, most federal legislation is Legal Plunder.
Please consider reading The Law (1850) by Frederic Bastiat.


Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls